battle UK US /ˈbætl/ noun
[C] a competition or argument between two or more people or organizations for power or control: battle for/over sth »

They were locked in a battle for boardroom control.

battle against/with sb »

If you want to stay in the battle with competitors, you must constantly update your services.

battle between sb and sb »

the ongoing battle between the government and the unions


a fierce/bitter/long-running battle

a takeover/bidding/bid battle »

After suffering a drop in profits, the firm found itself in the middle of a takeover battle.

fight/lose/win a battle »

Has Europe lost the battle with America over online dominance?

be locked in/engaged in a battle (to do sth) »

The entire aviation industry is locked in a battle to produce the most efficient aircraft and engines.

[S] a situation in which you try very hard to solve problems or succeed: »

Many smaller firms are losing out in the battle for survival.

face/fight a battle »

The government faces a battle to regain the confidence of the financial markets.

an uphill battle »

Workers fought an uphill battle to prove their illnesses were caused by on-the-job toxic exposures.

battle to do sth »

the battle to develop new technologies

battle UK US /ˈbætl/ verb [I or T]
if two or more people or organizations battle, or battle each other, they compete with each other for power or control: »

The company will now have to battle its resurgent competitor.

battle for/over sth »

Unions and management are currently battling over pay and staffing levels.

battle with/against sb/sth »

He battled with the board for many months before finally resigning.


Budget hotels are battling it out to bring US-style prices to Britain.

to try very hard to solve a problem or to succeed: battle against sth »

She had to battle against prejudice to get the job.


Against a background of changing consumer habits, the big music groups are battling falling sales.


The retailer battled through a difficult spring and summer as sales fell by 2.5%.

battle to do sth »

Hydro Electric staff battled to restore power to up to 20,000 customers.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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